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After the opening

After a few days of on-line activity, these are some interesting numbers:

  • OpenOMS total downloads: 76
  • OpenADM total downloads: 66

It seems clear to me that OpenOMS is a product easier to understand and also has a wider audience than the one OpenADM has. This is what I expected and I think this trend is going to be the same as target audiences are way different.

However, OpenADM will need some extra effort to successfully communicate what really is and the value-added proposition it represents. It is always harder to understand something you can't compare to something else, and in my honest opinion, this is the case at this particular moment.

Both projects need significant improvements on documentation. Besides that, OpenADM  also requires a high degree of qualification and experience to make it work. Fortunately, things will be much much easier on the upcoming release of OpenADM, but target audiences, qualification and experience requirements will remain coupled to the nature of the product itself.

This week I've been rebuilding some of my systems at home, but OpenADM 3.5b2 its pretty close to be finished. Once this version is public, documentation and on-line demos will become a priority.


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