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Back from the Darkness, Back into Play…

It's been some time since my last post. Fortunately, many things have happened :). First, I had to completely reschedule my goals for the end of the year because of two new projects that appeared to be interesting: OpenSLIM and NMTools for OpenSLIM.

OpenSLIM stands for Open Simple & Lightweight Infrastructure Manager. It is a Lightweight CMDB with certain Program Management capabilities that may be useful for those who work on the IT Service Management space. We will talk about the vision, target and particular orientation this tool has on later posts :).

NMTools for OpenSLIM are a set of modular PowerShell scripts that work along OpenSLIM to allow a high degree of management automation and to implement the CMDB federation relationship.

OpenADM has not been forgotten. It has completed the milestones planned for 2008 and I will release an upgrade on the following days. This is a partial list of what has been added/corrected on this new release:

  • Fixed/Tested the Alert sub-system.
  • Fixed/Tested the Delegated Operations modules: sadm do ...
  • Fixed some issues with the Intrusion Contention modules: sadm ic ...
  • Partial Windows 2008/Vista support.

Besides bug-fixing and new functionalities that will be added on upcoming releases, one of the goals for the next release is migrating the full Development Process into OpenOMS in order to have better control and documentation over each iteration.

This new year will try to consolidate what has been started: OpenADM, OpenOMS, OpenSLIM and NMTools. I will also try to blog on those tools in order to aid with the current lack of documentation.


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