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Category: Service Management

Decomposing the Value Chain in the Cloud

Back when consumer USB drives were flooding the market, it was quite common to witness how people would challenge datacenter-grade storage. They would do so by comparing it with devices they could readily buy on any retail store immediately and inexpensively. By comparison, IT storage was costly and slower to deliver.

Perceptive observers could think that, either there was a scam going on… or, most probably, those two things were not exactly the same

The funny thing is that the same still (yes, still) happens with Cloud Services. Despite being around for more than a decade, people still ...

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Around OpenOMS

It's been a long time since OpenOMS got a major refresh. That is why I've been working on an update during the past weeks and, finally, I can show some visible results of this work. You can find a new OpenOMS deployment on the following URL:

This new instance will host, not only my Projects but also some Demo Projects that will allow you to experience how OpenOMS really looks like and how it works for IT Service Management and Software Engineering.

It has taken me a significant amount of time to move all my Project Notes into OpenOMS ...

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Information Quality in OpenSLIM

It's time to spend some time on a tough topic: Information Quality. OpenSLIM implement several functions whose main purpose is to guarant data coherence when one has to deal with certain IT Processes: Provisioning, Repairings, Decommissionings, and so forth. In these cases, Registration Criteria is hard-wired inside OpenSLIM and you don't need to worry about it unless you want to change it.

Unfortunately there still exist rules that you will have to settle if you want to have good levels on your Information Quality. These conventions must be:

  1. Agreed with your Team(s) and Stakeholders.
  2. Controlled with regular Sanity Checks

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