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Good morning Vietnam!


Well, finally this moment has come. You can't imagine how difficult has been to make this happen. Two ISP migrations, several hardware crashes and working on weekends, at night, etc…

But, over all, one of my most important concerns when planning this project and the hardest milestone to achieve, was not to go live without delivering something to The Community.

If you have spent some time wandering around SourceForge, CodePlex and similar sites you will soon discover how many empty projects exist and, as time goes by, how many of those interesting ideas never go live… Well, I don't want to be one of those lost ideas… At least, I'll try it.

I have also spent some time thinking about the Free Open Source Software (FOSS) wave and invested quite amount of time debating about it. I must admit that I do agree with some of the main principles of the movement, but also hold a critical position about some aspects and attitudes associated with it.

In spite of it I consume quite a bunch of FOSS on my dayly work as many of you do. Ironically, most people -I would say, the vast majority- share the Free-as-a-Beer part of the statement, but not the Free-as-a-Bird side of the FOSS concept. Well, I want to be one of those that give back something in return when they have the oportunity to do so.

So, here it is and here I am. I won't claim it to be clever, the best, the k00l3zt nor similar statements. I only wish you have a nice time here and hope it can help you in some way.


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