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Information Quality in OpenSLIM

It's time to spend some time on a tough topic: Information Quality. OpenSLIM implement several functions whose main purpose is to guarant data coherence when one has to deal with certain IT Processes: Provisioning, Repairings, Decommissionings, and so forth. In these cases, Registration Criteria is hard-wired inside OpenSLIM and you don't need to worry about it unless you want to change it.

Unfortunately there still exist rules that you will have to settle if you want to have good levels on your Information Quality.…

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NMTools v4.0b0 released!

Being able to allocate enough time to finally publish this release hasn't been an easy task for me. I hardly can believe it, but it's here! 😀

This is a very special announcement because this release introduces lot of new features and also introduces very deep changes from the previous versions.

One of the most noticeable details is that NMTools is now an independent project. It will no longer tied to OpenSLIM. Nevertheless, OpenSLIM still will be a dependency and you need it to fully take advantage of what NMTools delivers.…

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