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Around OpenOMS

It's been a long time since OpenOMS got a major refresh. That is why I've been working on an update during the past weeks and, finally, I can show some visible results of this work. You can find a new OpenOMS deployment on the following URL:

This new instance will host, not only my Projects but also some Demo Projects that will allow you to experience how OpenOMS really looks like and how it works for IT Service Management and Software Engineering.

It has taken me a significant amount of time to move all my Project Notes into OpenOMS Issues and Cases. As you may know, all these notes where previously hosted on a separate blog: “ThinkInBig Project Materials”. This blog has been closed as long as OpenOMS is now replacing its functions.

Many of you may have noticed that the previous demo is not working properly. This issue comes from the fact that SourceForge blocks outgoing e-mail traffic as part of their Security Policies. Unfortunately, OpenOMS needs a reliable e-mail service for user maintenance and event notifications.

I'm aware of this issue for some time. But, even though it turns out that SourceForge was not the best place to install this demo, I couldn't find the right time to move OpenOMS to a different hosting provider. I feel really sorry for the inconvenience and the bad experience you have been suffering.

There are still some details that need to be polished before I can build a final release for OpenOMS, but I am pretty close. In the mean time, now that OpenOMS is finally working successfully, I wish you enjoy the platform. Stay tuned! ;-D.


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