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OpenSLIM v3.73b0 released!

It’s finally here! This is the first release since the NMTools spin off. A lot has happened since then. In fact, there are many changes in the OpenSLIM roadmap that I would like to tell you over the course of the following weeks.

As every new version, this one represents an additional step forward in functionality and also in reliability. Here is the list of new additions and improvements that this new major release incorporates:

  1. Systems Decommissioning Management.
  2. Improvements on how Virtual Environments are handled.
  3. Improvements on the automatic mechanisms that populate changesin a Node Property as long as this Node progresses through different states on a Repair, Virtualization or Decommissioning processes.
    1. All this processes take care of proper Data Versioning.
    2. Benefit 1: ~80% reduction in manual information updates.
    3. Benefit 2: better information quality as the implemented Registration Criteria become mandatory.
  4. Quick Reports for Decommissioning Process Analysis.
  5. Support for SAN information: HBAs, Ports, WWNs, etc.
  6. Ability to document information regarding Systems and Security Audits.
  7. Node Qualitative Capacity Indicators: ComputingCapacityIndex and StorageCapacityIndex
  8. Improvements in the GUI: new “+” button expands Free Text Fields to ease reading and editing: Notes, HbaLinksInfo, SystemInformationDump, SecurityAuditReport, SystemAuditReport, etc.
  9. New Foreign CMDB Identifier improves Federation with a remote CMDB.
  10. Support for Tags” and “WorkStreams on Projects and Operations Management.
  11. General Bug Fixing and Performance Improvements.


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