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More on OpenSLIM and NMTools…

Wow! What an intense week! It's being pretty hard to keep with regular postings. Obviously, working 12 hours a day doesn't help at all, but projects keep progressing successfully :D.

A new version of OpenSLIM and NMTools, v2.7b0, has been released last week. Version 2.8b0 is now on the way!. NMTools have reached a usable state thanks to a contribution from JJ who helped on resolving the last major issue. I am also introducing more Reports to the current OpenSLIM catalog; new UI for Contacts Management; some minor improvements on Tasks and Progress Management, etc.

There are still lot of things to be done: Post-Collection Activities or Two-Stage Processing Rules on NMTools, SQL Server/MySQL data storage, support for Partially Connected Scenarios, NMTools Modules Library, OpenADM and OpenOMS integration, etc … But, fortunately, things are evolving more quickly than I previously expected :D.

On the other hand, you might think: “Ok, all this tooling stuff is nice, but, What about aligning tools with needs, current Corporate Tooling, the IT organization, and the Business? Why yet-another-tool-for-doing-this-and-that? Where is the difference?”. You are right, we will have to discuss this subjects on the near future. I promise :).

I will be very very busy on the next couple of weeks. So, I may not post as regularly as I'd like, but new ideas keep flowing ;). So, stay tuned!


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