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Education vs. Accreditation

Have you ever felt that there was something like a “disturbance in The Force” in regard to our education system? I do. But, as someone that it is far from being an expert on the subject, I don't feel confident enough to even consider that my arguments are based on a set of solid criteria.

Anyway, I have always have a feeling that something was wrong. And, once again, I find myself in front of an awesome talk –“Leading@Google”, by Josh Kaufman– learning about the difference between Education and Accreditation. I invite you to take some time to watch it, it worth every minute invested:

Obviously, this is only one part of the picture: at least, the one I am able to see. The following collection of videos address this question from different perspectives and, basically, they all reach to the same conclusion: our education system is broken and needs to be reinvented.

The ever increasing speed of change doesn't only affect us as individuals, but also the ability of our society to create new opportunities: both for the young people and for those that Technology and Progress have left behind. Nevertheless, it looks pretty obvious that our current system is failing on achieving that goal. And, at the same time, it also pretty clear that if we can't stop or modulate the evolution of Technology and Progress, something has to be done on the way we deal and handle people and knowledge.

Of course, being able to identify the problem, finding solutions and implementing or evolving them are completely different stories. But, anyway, if we all agree that there is a problem, why do keep doing the same things? Why do we address problems the same way? Why do we keep considering that the traditional procedures, processes and practices will resolve our present and future issues? … What do you think?


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