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Picks of the Week (09–1)

This is a first of a series of posts. I am not sure I will be able to keep up with the weekley posting period. Anyway, I'll try it :-).

It is always a nice experience looking at the evolution and growth of the digital ecosystem. I find it refreshing whenever one has the opportunity of learning sharp or brilliant ideas wandering around the web. I'll try to share my findings with you. Hope you like them.

Today's picks 😉

  • NodeXL. An Excel 2007 template for viewing and analyzing network graphs, along with a set of .NET Framework 3.5 class libraries that can be used to add network graphs to custom applications.
  • Phalanger. A PHP implementation for the .NET framework. Documents about Features, Performance and well-tested applications that work successfully on it worth reading.
  • WebTunnelHTTP tunnel running in the context of a regular web server; it uses simple requests/responses for proxy traversal; and it is multi-threaded to allow many parallel connections to many destinations simultaneously.
  • DotNetZip. Small and easy-to-use .NET class library for manipulating .zip files.
  • Visifire. OpenSource Silverlight & WPF Chart Controls.
  • SharePoint ManagementPowerShell scripts developped for manage SharePoint farms (WSS or MOSS)
  • IronPython 2.01. New release for the Python programming language implementation for the .NET Framwork. Interesting references about Performance Comparison and Differences with the original implementation and missing libraries worth reading.
  • NFileStorage. Interesting piece of software for some scenarios. It enables to easily handle large amounts of files in a given project without using a database and without having to store tons of files on the file system. It ships with a CLI tool that makes life easier.
  • GMobileSync. Allows you to remotely synchronize Google Calendar events to your Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 device using its local internet connection.
  • PoshBoard and PoshConsole. Cool PowerShell artifacts. PoshBoard is a modular IT administration web portal while PoshConsole is a WPF-based graphical console.

Have fun!


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