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OpenOMS 1.2a3 and OpenSLIM 3.1b0 coming soon… :D

Wow! It's been a really hard time! But we are finally here again. Lot of things have happened since my last post.  One of the most significant was a extrange runtime issue with the OpenOMS live demo. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to find nor reproduce the source of the problem. So, I did finally take the decission to port the whole demo site to SourceForge servers. Now the site is already running, but I am still polishing some deatils related with the upgrade to Mantis 1.2a3 and also the required platform changes.

On the other side, significant progress has been made on OpenSLIM. Version 3.1b0 is already running internally, but I am waiting to finish some modules that should be ready for that version release. I am still very busy, but I may be able to publish both packages on the next two weeks.


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