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OpenSLIM & NMTools v2.9b0

nmtools-20090308-0-smallThis is the first time a fully working NMTools goes live. This time a Gallery of 14 OpenSLIM modules ship with the package.

As usual, you can download it from CodePlex or SourceForge. You will find the links on the Downloads Section. Hope you like it :-D.

This time I have included a set of sreenshots just for you to figure out the aspect of the final solution.

Anyway, later this week I will post a practical example of one session using NMTools. There you will see how to take advantage of a tool like this. ...

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OpenSLIM & NMTools v2.8b0

A new release is finally here! You can download the latest bits on the Download Section as usual.

Changes on OpenSLIM:

  • Added Basic Node Security Management.
  • Improved Service Issue Management.
  • Improved Progress Management usability and reliability.
  • Added Printable Progress Report.
  • Added LastUpdateDate automatic detection and field update on every form.
  • Added new quick reports.
  • Improved usability on Tasks & Issues Management.
  • Added new fields: CorporateCMDBLastUpdateDate, RiskTypes

Changes on NMTools:

  • Corrected database storage issues.

I must confess that I am becoming quite dependent on this tool. Anyway, next releases may include some of the following features:

  • NTools: post processing

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More on OpenSLIM and NMTools…

Wow! What an intense week! It's being pretty hard to keep with regular postings. Obviously, working 12 hours a day doesn't help at all, but projects keep progressing successfully :D.

A new version of OpenSLIM and NMTools, v2.7b0, has been released last week. Version 2.8b0 is now on the way!NMTools have reached a usable state thanks to a contribution from JJ who helped on resolving the last major issue. I am also introducing more Reports to the current OpenSLIM catalog; new UI for Contacts Management; some minor improvements on Tasks and Progress Management, etc.

There are ...

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