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Node list as a CLI option. Why not?

If you have ever tried NMTools you may wonder why there is not an CLI option to allow something like this:

PS C:\> C:\.\nmagent.ps1 -profile main -cmd exec -src hlist @('host1','host2','')

The answer is that it is planned but it is not a priority. Why? Because you can get similar results on the mean time using the following work around:

PS C:\> 'host1','host2','' | % { .\nmagent.ps1 -profile main -cmd exec -src host $_ }

Unfortunately, both sentences are not exactly the same. The first one would run the whole nodes on the same SessionId. The second one, ...

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Possible uses for PLEX modules

Here you have some possible samples that you may use as templates for your own purposes. In any case, the main goal of this post is give you an idea of what it is possible using PLEX modules.

The Samples or “Templates”

Remote log Distributed search using findstr.exe

"for /f `"tokens=*`" %i in ('dir /s /b *.log') do @findstr `"MyRegExPattern`" `"%i`"" | .\nmagent.ps1 -profile plex -cmd exec -src file -save

Remote log Distributed search using RSaR.exe. “RSaR” means “Regex Search and Rescue” and can be found at

"\\MyServer\MyReadOnlyShare\RSaR.exe *.log /s /i `"MyDotNetRegExPattern`"" | .\nmagent.ps1 -profile plex ...

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NMTools Framework Services explained

Those who have tried NMTools may have realized that provides certain services that are always needed whenever one have to deal with a large environment.

Network Services

In this context, we understand Network Services as the ability to express your Target Node set through different input sources and the capacity to iterate through it handling every exception that might occur.

For example, your Target might be a host name, an IP address, a collection/combination of host names and/or IP addresses, an IP range or a CDIR network notation. Additionally, this information may come from the command-line, from a file or ...

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