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NMTools v4.0b0 released!

Being able to allocate enough time to finally publish this release hasn't been an easy task for me. I hardly can believe it, but it's here! :-D

This is a very special announcement because this release introduces lot of new features and also introduces very deep changes from the previous versions.

One of the most noticeable details is that NMTools is now an independent project. It will no longer tied to OpenSLIM. Nevertheless, OpenSLIM still will be a dependency and you need it to fully take advantage of what NMTools delivers.

Here is a brief list of what's ...

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How to Deploy Software using NMTools

software-installOn a previous article I showed some of the possibilities that PLEX modules introduced for our dayly tasks. I did consciously omitted any reference to software deployment at that moment for a number of reasons. The main one was that I consider this subject important enough to deserve its own chapter.

Deploying software can be achieved with regular modules, PLEX modules and, for those cases where complex conditions need to be considered when deploying one package, you can use the new DynX modules.

DynX modules are a new feature that will be delivered on the next OpenSLIM release. They ...

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Thoughts on the new Windows Management Framework

You may already know that the new Windows Management Framework has been published recently. For those who don't know what services and benefits provides, just a brief presentation:

“Windows Management Framework, which includes Windows PowerShell 2.0, WinRM 2.0, and BITS 4.0, was officially released to the world this morning. By providing a consistent management interface across the various flavors of Windows, we are making our platform that much more attractive to deploy. IT Professionals can now easily manage their Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2 machines


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