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What’s new in NMTools v4.54b0

Well, here we are again! :D. This is a much long awaited release. Definitely, this product is becoming more and more mature with each iteration. I can now say this from the experience of running NMTools on big and complex Production Environments to solve real problems and handle considerably demanding situations.

There is a lot of hidden work that has been done during the last eight months. That is why I would like to start thanking all the people that has contributed to this release in any way: code, feedback, ideas, etc. This release wouldn't be as good as it ...

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Information Quality in OpenSLIM

It's time to spend some time on a tough topic: Information Quality. OpenSLIM implement several functions whose main purpose is to guarant data coherence when one has to deal with certain IT Processes: Provisioning, Repairings, Decommissionings, and so forth. In these cases, Registration Criteria is hard-wired inside OpenSLIM and you don't need to worry about it unless you want to change it.

Unfortunately there still exist rules that you will have to settle if you want to have good levels on your Information Quality. These conventions must be:

  1. Agreed with your Team(s) and Stakeholders.
  2. Controlled with regular Sanity Checks

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OpenSLIM v3.73b0 released!

It’s finally here! This is the first release since the NMTools spin off. A lot has happened since then. In fact, there are many changes in the OpenSLIM roadmap that I would like to tell you over the course of the following weeks.

As every new version, this one represents an additional step forward in functionality and also in reliability. Here is the list of new additions and improvements that this new major release incorporates:

  1. Systems Decommissioning Management.
  2. Improvements on how Virtual Environments are handled.
  3. Improvements on the automatic mechanisms that populate changesin a Node Property as long

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