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Author: Carlos Veira Lorenzo

OpenSLIM & NMTools v2.6b0

I still can't believe it… I will end my holidays with major milestones complete!

Of course, to ship is to choose, and there are details on this beta release that need further testing and may need to be fixed. This is specially true when we talk about NMTools, the newest piece on this little puzzle.

OpenSLIM is an MS Access application and I've been running its previous versions for the last 6 months. Currently, I am handling more than 1000 Nodes on more than 80 Services with it and, in my opinion, behaves fairly well. On future versions, ...

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Web site improvements :)

Well, It seems I'm done with this task 8-D. Feeds are now working again; some other cosmetic fixes have been corrected; the hole site has been upgraded and, finally, I did had time to implement some changes: blog roll, recent posts, tag cloud, etc.

Hope you like the upgrade. If you find something wrong, please, just let me know :-D, ...

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Mozilla on mashups

There are also interesting efforts outside the “Spectra world” ;-) on mashups. Particularly, I like Mozilla Ubiquity because of two aspects: putting the user in control with a client-side approach and the interaction experiences. It is a very young project, but very promising. Just look at the prototypes and enjoy:


If you want to dream on the futre Web 3.0 a little bit, look at the Aurora Concept Video:

Aurora (complete video without commentary) from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.

Cool! Isn't it? :D ...

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